Number of Wamech's Clients rise dynamically each year - the main purpose of such fast growing sales is the real value of the offered lean products. Buyers appreciate the uniqueness of systems and the savings caused by the their implementation in the production plants. Once introduced in a single factory, after checking the results of implementation the solutions are often being spread accross other production plants. Increasing awareness on the significance of internal supply chain in the optimization of production processes cause that tugger train transport systems are becoming more popular each year and so are the Wamech's intralogistic systems.


Thanks to our unique solutions destined for internal logistics of factories and production plants we have obtained many clients from the World top according to size and complexity of production proccess. Standardised transport systems and dedicated realisations of projects allow to optimise internal supply chain and therefore help to cut the costs of production plant internal logistics. Each year our systems are being implemented in new production plants and their durability and reliability are being recognised by the most demanding customers. So far our solutions for production plants intralogistics have been introduced to production plants of companies such as: Daimler A.G., Mercedes-Benz, GKN, Phillip Morris, MAN, Valeo, BEHR, Hutchinson and many more...
The experience achieved during the over 25 years of being active on market allow Wamech to realise any scale of project - our company has delivered solutions to single, not so big production plants as well we were able to deliver our products simultaneuously to several factories of one's group located in different places in the World.