In order to ensure the proper material handling in the production plant it is neccessary to build an efficient internal logistics supply chain. The first step of it shall be identyfication of needs in scope of quanitites, sizes and frequency of deliveries.  Next step is to check if any of Wamech’s intralogistic standard solutions meets the requirements and if more than one intralogistic system can be used – choose of the best fitting one.
Each of our intralogistic systems has its advantages and unique features so the choose is dependant on the requirements of certain production plant.

C-Liner is a system of C – frames transport platforms available in two standard sizes. Those platforms cooperate with a wide scope of trolleys: light, GLT, KLT and also tilt trolleys. In case the of internal logistics basing on the one, unified kind of transport containers (for example half-pallet/pallet) the C-Liner intralogistics system is the best choice due to its purchase price.
V-Liner is a intralogistics solution basing on frames of A type but with exceptional mechanics and construction. This system gives an unique flexibility due to both side loading and unloading of materials.
E-Liner is the most modern and technically advanced solution for production plants intralogistics material handling. Fully mechanical, innovative in many aspects gives a real breakthrough in intralogistics. Our E-frames allow for simultaneous transport of different packages, have unique traction system and are fameous of their reliability.
The AIO system is the ideal solution for a standardized internal logistics, without the specific requirements. Simplified design maximizes the reliability and makes it practically breakdown-free and therefore low-cost operation. Platforms have a dual hook system, and docking of trolleys takes place through the patented trolley and platform interaction. One platform type allows the transport of four trolleys for standard sizes: 1200 x 1000, 1200 x 800, 1000 x 600, 800 x 600 [mm].

We encourage you to get more familiar with the features of our intralogistic transport solutions on pages dedicated to each of the system.