E-Liner and V-Liner implementation in GKN Driveline Sp. z o.o. production plant located in Oleśnica

Movie presents the production and implementation of V-Liner and E-Liner intralogistics systems. Implementation of systems helped to organise the internal logistics perfectly.

Implementation of E-Liner in MAN Trucks Sp. z o.o. production plant located in Niepolomice

Movie shows the case study – lean intralogistic system E-Liner implementation in the MAN Trucks production plant. Project had a possitive impact on several aspects of the internal logistics. Thanks to implementation of E-Liner work ergonomics and safety has been increased, also  the noise generated by the tugger trains platforms has been reduced.

E-Liner - the newest solution for lean intralogistic!

E-Liner lean intralogistic system has a huge number extraordinary features in scope of safety, ergonomics and flexibility. The enclosed movie shows how easy the material handling of production plant can be – only if you implement the E-Liner.

C-Liner and V-Liner systems on the move!

Animation presents the main features of the systems and allow to see what are the advantages of using our lean intralogistic solutions. Both of systems have their own unique characteristics – V-Liner is able to be loaded and unloaded on both sides. C-Liner is the simpliest solution for not very demanding production plants – as lean as it is only possible.