The very rapid increase in production diversity, the number of different components and the significant rotation of the assortment of parts cause that the process of collecting and preparing sets of elements to be transferred to individual production sections is currently one of the major challenges of internal logistics. The time-consuming nature of this process and the potential for faults might be improved by implementation of systems supporting its speed, precision and ergonomics allow significant reduction of commissioning costs.
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Indication of materials to be picked is shown by a mobile light source that illuminates the storage socket. Information on the quantity
and characteristics of items (name or color) can be transmitted through headphones or central displays. Collection of parts can be confirmed
or corrected using several different methods:

– Pick-Radar® (virtual frame registering and assessing the correctness of picked materials in real time)
– Pick-Remote-Key (radio buttons)
– Pick-by-Voice (receipt in the form of commands and voice confirmation)

The main advantages of the Pick-by-Point system:
Pick-by-Point® Is a registered trademark of LUCA Logistic Solutions
• Easy configuration and a wide range of applications.
• Increased productivity and savings by eliminating paper documents in the order picking process.
• Low downtime due to low-maintenance technology.
• Low investment costs and simple installation.
• Fast cushioning.
• Low maintenance costs.
• Simple and easy system operation.
• Possibility of integration with WAMECH intralogistics systems


Thanks to the use of the Pick-by-Point® system, it is possible to quickly and accurately assemble the parts necessary to deliver to individual production positions. Faster delivery – thanks to the optimization of the picking process, it is possible to quickly prepare sets of parts. Increased work ergonomics – eliminating the need to search individual parts and their verification on a printed list allows for intuitive and error-free picking of goods.


Pick-by-Frame® Is a registered trademark of LUCA Logistic Solutions
In many companies the picking method is based on printed picking lists. The Pick-by-Frame® innovation enables smooth implementation of efficient electronic technology in parallel to traditional order picking. Each frame allows you to connect many specialized devices, such as: barcode scanner, label printer, RFID, weight and others. One battery charge allows the frame to work up to several dozen hours. The battery charging time is reduced to a minimum through mechanisms which control the optimal charging process.


The method enables quick and error-free downloading of the product simultaneously for many orders. The computer system optimizes the selection of orders and the picking path. The commissioning process is activated after the order number is scanned or by using the START key on the central panel. The display shows the information with the number of the first warehouse location to which the employee is to go. After confirming the right place, by means of the acknowledgment key or after scanning the product code or warehouse location code, the cumulated number of products appears in the central display, and on the displays located at the sockets information about the number of items to be downloaded is displayed. Putting the product to the correct socket is confirmed by a button located next to it. The receipt of the last collection of a given product activates the information about the next warehouse location to which the employee should go. The ordering from subsequent storage locations is done in the same way. After the process is completed, the frame is disconnected from the cart by releasing the locking and can be used immediately to pick up parts for the next trolley.

The main advantages of the Pick-by-Frame® system:
• Improving the quality and speed of picking or sorting
• Simple conversion of the traditional method based on prints on a paperless method
based on electronic data processing
• Cheap integration of new technologies with standard picking methods
• Optimal use of devices
• Low investment level
• Flexible and quick change of display locations depending on the needs
• Possibility of integration with WAMECH intralogistics systems


Pick-by-Watch® Is a registered trademark of LUCA Logistic Solutions
Pick-by-Watch is a support for sequential processes and picking through the use of smartwatches, smartphones and tablets, ensuring fast and efficient handling of the entire process.


Thanks to the additional Multi-Order-Picking module, efficiency increases by 35%. Pick-by-Watch® enables picking with “free hands” providing high comfort while improving quality thanks to Pick-by-Picture®. The interface adapted to the client’s needs allows for high productivity without long implementation process. The data is synchronized with the server in real time, which has the ability to communicate online with the master system. The Pick-by-Watch system can be freely combined with other systems such as Pick-by-Frame® or Pick-by-Point®

The main advantages of the Pick-by-Watch® system:
• Significant improvement in ergonomics and speed of picking or sorting
• Full data synchronization in real time
• Short implementation time
• Compatibility with other picking systems
• Low investment level
• Possibility of integration with WAMECH intralogistics systems


Pick-by-Epaper® Is a registered trademark of LUCA Logistic Solutions E-paper can be successfully used to replace standard paper kanbans which translates into a significant savings, but also better organization in the field of completion and measurability of processes related to the flow of materials on the premises of the production plant.


E-paper tablets are an economical and environmentally friendly solution that minimizes energy consumption in order to extend the time between recharges of batteries. There are tablets with a diagonal 6 “display with a touch screen and 9.7” without touch functions.

The devices communicate with the IT system via Wi-Fi. Information about products and their locations is downloaded wirelessly. After displaying the information on the e-ink display, the tablet turns into “sleep mode” without consuming energy (it does not consume energy to display and backlight the screen) and becomes active after employee’s confirmation (via a remote or touch button on the screen (6 “) or eg with a bar code scanner). For proper operation, the e-paper tablet must be in a stable range of 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network.

The main advantages of the Pick-by-Epaper® system:
• Cost savings related to printing “picking lists” (paper, ink / toner, printers service),
• Easy installation, integration and maintenance,
• Interactive tablet functions, wireless two-way communication with low energy consumption allowing for a long work without charging – a feature unattainable in other computer devices,
• Low costs and operating comfort,
• Possibility of integration with WAMECH intralogistics systems